New Students



Hot Yoga is designed for all ages and all levels of experience. First-time and long-time Yoga practitioners are all welcome! The series is extremely rewarding but also challenging. As a new student to Hot Yoga, here is what you should know and how you should prepare:- During the day try to be hydrated as much as possible. Avoid big meals at least 3 hours before taking class.- First time students; please arrive 15-20 minutes before class begins to allow enough time to register.- The room is heated to 100+ degrees so be prepared to work hard and sweat! – This class is designed for all levels of fitness, but if you have a special medical condition, please inform the instructor. – You are welcome to come to any class. You can register online for classes or just come in but please be aware that space is limited and the class may be sold out. – All classes are 90 minutes. – Wear clothing that allows you to move freely. Remember, it will be hot! – Please be considerate of other students and refrain from bringing cell phones and beepers into class. – Towels: We will provide you with one big bath towel for your mat and a smaller towel to wipe your sweat. – Mats are required for all classes. After the first week, we recommend that you purchase your own mat. (Studio mats are of course still available to rent for an extra charge). You are welcome to bring your own mat. – Water: As a new practitioner of Hot Yoga, please drink lots of water before, during and after class. It is recommended that you bring at least a quart of water with you into class. Hot Yoga will help you eliminate toxins from your body through a great deal of sweating, but, it’s important to remember that you are also sweating out water and trace minerals from your system that need to be replenished. A variety of beverages are for sale at the studio.