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Juniet Rodriguez, Owner / Lead Instructor

Juniet has taught hot yoga for over 11 years.  After training with Bikram Choudhury and becoming certified in 2007, she continued her journey by teaching in some of the best hot yoga studios in NYC, including Bikram (now Bode) Yoga NYC and Bikram Yoga East Harlem.   Juniet also completed her 200-hour Vinyasa teacher training in order to deepen her practice in yoga.  She also holds a BA and MA in Education and is a NY state certified teacher. Juniet aims to lead a spacious, fluid, organic practice with focus on breath-initiated movement, safe alignment, and purposeful sequencing,  She hopes students leave class feeling steady, at ease, and confident in their own power and grace.

Elvis Rodriguez, Lead Instructor

Elvis is a natural and gifted yoga personality whose skill in sequencing and yogic exercise has been perfected with training and an in-depth understanding built over six-plus years of practice.  Students who are acquainted with Elvis know that his teaching and insights into yoga are not only delightful but can create a life-changing experience for the new, as well as experienced yogi. His amazing ability to breakdown and simplify complex poses is unique and an intrinsic part of his methodology.  His ability to work with people of different backgrounds, capabilities, and personalities help all students reap the benefits of their individual practice.

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