Private Yoga

Why choose private sessions?

Perfect for beginners

Research has shown yoga to be an effective and beneficial form of physical and mental exercise yet beginners often feel overwhelmes. A private session is a great way to get clear one-on-one explanations.  You have the time to slowly and effectively learn the basics and modifications

Why choose a yoga retreat over a typical vacation?

Have you ever returned from your vacation needing a vacation? A yoga retreat offers the ultimate in relaxation. While daily yoga is offered, and encouraged you also have time for self-reflection, to wander the beautiful white sand beaches in silence. Amenities include daily meditation, gourmet meals, an on-site pool, and luxury accommodations in the beautiful Dominican Republic. Let’s not forget the yoga – your retreat will include guided small group yoga sessions which feature an opportunity to learn or improve your practice, with like minded individuals in a beautiful setting..

Private groups in studio

Expert instructors provide individualized attention. This is a wonderful way to improve or begin your practice in a safe setting.

Perfect event for your organization

Elevate your work or team-building events by creating a personalized yoga class. Studies have shown that a regular yoga practice improves the mind-body connection leading to calmer decision making and better concentration on daily tasks. Share a one of a kind team building experience with your peers!

Bachelor/Bachelorette or Bridal Shower Yoga Classes

A small yoga class is a perfect way for the bride or groom to be to celebrate. Let the festivities begin!

Celebrate your birthday with Yoga!

Invite your closest friends and family to an intimate yoga class.  A unique and wonderful memory that will last for ever!

Take your practice to the next level by experiencing one on one posture alignment and corrections. Create a class designed around your needs and current abilities!

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Plan your own private retreat!  Imagine your next vacation or group event at a luxury private villa with access to white sand beaches. amenities include accommodations, a private chef, pool, and daily yoga and meditation.

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Plan your next get-together around yoga! Birthday party, work retreat, bachelor/bachelorette party, or family gathering – why not make it a yoga experience?

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