Hot yoga Journeys Mission statement

There are many paths to enlightenment and happiness.  Let us guide you thru your journey.

Hot Yoga Journeys was established to create a community of unique individuals who foster a safe & nurturing environment to explore the Art of Yoga, emotional growth, intellectual refinement, and physical unfolding. Through our hard work and sweat we grow individually and as a community we choose to celebrate life, to cultivate more beauty in the world, and to uplift others around us through our actions.

Our practice is built on the foundations of alignment and hatha Yoga philosophy, All styles Yoga practice are welcome. We celebrate diversity while honoring the one force uniting us all. Therefore, we look for and honor the good in our students as a reflection of the Divine within each person. Our focus is not on the attainment of a perfected physical pose but the practice of opening our hearts to the beauty to be found in each day and in every situation. The instructors at Hot Yoga Journeys maintain the highest level of personal practice, study, and integrity on and off the mat. Our classes are designed for the every day person that uses the tools that yoga teaches you to be the best “You” that there is.